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In my “normal” life, I was one who didn’t check work email once I left the office.  I never checked voicemail after hours.  Everything could wait until the next day. Now that I am working at home, the line between work and home has become blurred. I find myself checking my email at least every hour until I go to bed.  I find myself seeing an email at 8 pm and feeling an urgency to gather the requested information and respond immediately.  No one has told me that I must be available all of the time now that I am working at home. I’m not sure where the pressure has come from.  I’ve decided to give myself permission to turn off email and YOU have permission to turn off email too.

If you have kids, do you want them to grow up to be connected to work all the time?  You know they are watching you.  You are modeling a work-life balance that is shaping what they will think when they are older. Does this bother you? Then stop checking emails.

Do you think this is advancing your career? Are you impressing anyone and do they matter?  Do you find it’s just a habit to check emails?  Yes?  Put a rubber band on your wrist and flick it when you notice yourself checking email.  You have permission to stop checking emails.

Let me know if you find yourself checking emails all hours of the day now too. Are you ready to stop too?