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Do you ever just sit and stare at your computer screen when you have plenty of things to do. We all get unfocused, but luckily, there are ways to get over that. It rarely happens that you will suddenly feel inspired though, without taking some action.

Today I want to talk about your desk at work. 

On Friday, I completely cleaned off my desk.  It was one of those days of feeling kind of stuck at work, unfocused, and felt like my mind was all over the place. I noticed that I was having a hard time concentrating.  It’s a good thing I remembered a trick that has worked for me countless times, cleaning off my desk. 

  • I got rid of pens that had stopped working well.
  • Threw out highlighters that were semi dry.
  • I filled the pencils that were out of lead.
  • Threw out old notes I’d written on a legal pad that I didn’t need anymore. 
  • I wiped down everything. Firstly I used keyboard cleaning sticks. Secondly I used special monitor wipes.
  • A cleaning person came over with a vacuum as I was cleaning so she nicely offered to vacuum my office. 
  • Took care of spider webs in the corners that I hadn’t known were there, or basically didn’t want to know were there. 

I felt so much better after, and above all, it felt like the energy was cleared.  I honestly think there are times we clean to avoid something and times we clean to face things.  Friday was my day to face things. Therefore, I said goodbye to being unfocused.

Think about what you need to clear out and clean up. 

Firstly, is your desk messy?  Secondly how does your purse look? Thirdly, how does your work bag look? I still have files I need to go through in my desk, however, that small amount of tidying up got me back in a groove at work. Fortunately, I didn’t feel stuck.  My work bag could use a cleaning out.  I think I have headphone holders in there and some pens and paper that need cleaned up.   Make sure you time time to do this for your home desk too. 

In addition, if the energy still feels blah, there is one more trick

If the energy still feels blah, try turning on a fan. I know its winter, however, you can face it away from you.  That’ll help more some of the stagnation at work too.

How can I help?

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