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Hello, there!

I’m Lisa. I look forward to working with you.

Welcome to my tapping services page! I’m dedicated to helping you overcome work stress, career issues, and related challenges so that you can cultivate a sense of peace and empowerment in your life.

My tapping packages are designed to address a range of issues related to work stress and career challenges, including managing difficult coworkers or bosses, overcoming imposter syndrome, reducing anxiety related to job interviews or performance evaluations, and developing greater confidence and clarity in your career goals.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off tapping session to address a specific issue or a longer-term commitment to dive deeper into your emotional healing journey, I have a package to meet your needs. My packages include the One Off – a single session, the One Month – 4 weekly sessions, and the Three Month – 12 weekly sessions.

As an experienced and compassionate tapping practitioner, I will guide you through each session, providing you with tools and techniques to manage your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop greater resilience in the face of work-related challenges. I’m committed to helping you achieve greater clarity, confidence, and satisfaction in your work life. Let me support you on your journey towards greater emotional and mental health, both in and out of the workplace.

A single 60 minute session is best for you if you just need coaching on the fly.  Need help with a specific issue like prepping for a difficult conversation, an interview, or annual performance review? This is for you! This is also where I point clients who want to see what a session with me is all about.

Pay in full: $110

Jump start your transformation with 4 weekly EFT Tapping and Coaching sessions (60 minutes each). For more clarity, aligned success, and a confidence-filled life.

Pay in full: $360

Payment plan: $100 weekly (4 weeks)

Three month intensive to up-level and make big shifts in your life. Weekly 60 minute EFT Tapping and Coaching sessions. A deeper dive from the one month package to become the person you know you are meant to be. 

Pay in full: $960

Payment Plan: $340 monthly (3 mths)