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Resign & Shine

For breadwinning women who are ready to hand in their resignation letter and start making money with purpose.

For more clarity, aligned success, and a passion-fueled career.

You are meant to enjoy your work day!

But you’ve been told otherwise:

Nobody loves their career!

Work isn’t supposed to be fun!

You should be happy with what you have!

But you’re smart – you’ve known all along that you deserve to love your career!

Even though you know how it should be, you haven’t quite figured out the next steps or the fear is stopping you!

The time is NOW to take ACTION and have the CAREER YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF


Resign and Shine

4 sessions over 8 weeks…to transform your career confidence and build your success mindset. Coaching, tapping, mentoring, and accountability. 

No more telling friends and family that work is “fine”  …  you’ll tell them your career is amazing and ACTUALLY MEAN IT.

No more getting through yet another boring work day … you’ll have tools to deal with the stress while working on your exit.

No more feeling like you’re walking on eggshells with the office bully …  you can handle them.

Remove your negative emotions about work so you can bring in new, creative work ideas, a new attitude, and finally take action to have the career of your dreams!



 Tapping is weird.  It’s for other people who are more woo and into alternative hippy-dippy things, like your crazy aunt everyone makes fun of.  

I get it!

I felt the same way for years.  I saw tapping on a daytime talk show years ago and I remember thinking what baloney! But at the most depressing point in my career, I decided to try anything to feel better!

I’ve worked with so many people and they have had amazing results.  I can tell you tapping is legit amazing!


Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is similar to acupuncture, but with no needles.  Tapping on specific meridians and focusing on getting to the core issue, we are able to move that negative and stuck energy out. 

Tapping takes that negative energy that is holding you back and releases it so you can focus on creating that career you love!

I use EFT Tapping and my extensive corporate career background to get you taking action FAST.


 You’ll get 4 sessions, over 8 weeks PLUS 1:1 pocket coaching on Voxer, as needed.  We meet privately over Zoom.  You don’t need to do anything ahead of time, just be open to the experience.

When you click to sign up, you’ll be taken directly to my Calendly page.  From there, you’ll schedule your first session and find a time that works for perfectly for you!

ONLY $257!

That’s right. $257. But not for long so act fast!

Client Love
“I’m in the midst of a huge life transition and keeping it together day to day. Tapping with Lisa let me feel all my feels, the excitement, the fears and the stress and then release         them. I felt so much lighter afterward.”                                   
Client Love
The whole experience felt really true and powerfully impactful. I felt so much lighter at the end of the session, and now a few weeks in, the belief that I tapped on has completely disappeared..”                                                                                                                             
Client Love
It’s crazy because I’m a bit of a skeptic, but during the 30 minutes of our session I felt my shoulders physically drop the tension that I didn’t know they had! I cannot recommend it enough! Thank you Lisa for an amazing tapping session.

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I believed I didn’t fit in at work.  I didn’t get worked up and yell about deadlines.  I avoided having difficult conversations because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I would cry if I got yelled at.  I felt like a mess!  I had several more decades of being in the working world, so I had to try to figure it out so I didn’t live a life of misery.

I was a woman with a job who didn’t want to climb up the corporate ladder.  I didn’t want my work to be my whole life and I wasn’t the most confident in my skills. Since I wasn’t going to be some assertive ultra-confident woman just because I wanted to be, I began searching for tools that allowed me to handle working in a corporate office without changing who I was.  I did a lot of self-development and found tapping to be the thing that gave me that instant relief.  Using tapping has been life-altering and I can’t wait to share it with you. 


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