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EWE Yuck! Please don’t tell me to be grateful. 

When I was early in my quest to find a new profession outside of accounting, someone else told me that before that you have to have gratitude for your current position. I was so annoyed when I heard it.  Why can’t I just be in peace hating what I do for a living? Why would I want to have gratitude for it?  I don’t like it.  If I have gratitude for it then I will not be motivated to make changes.

But as Charles F. Glassman said, The more you choose to focus on the positive, the more positive will come into focus. The choice is yours.”

Never focus on the positive, check.  Focus on the shit because that’s what it felt like, check.  I should be grateful that “my debits and credits netted” didn’t do it for me.  Grateful that I “finally figured out that tough transaction and how to record it” was not exactly something I felt gratitude about either.  

But there are little things I can focus on.  Tiny good things that I completely ignored.  Our office uses very nice pens, pencils, and highlighters.  It’s awful when you get a bad one so today I am going to write down that it’s nice to never have to use a dried up or not-bright highlighter.  It sounds so stupid, right, but it helps to focus on the good.  

Here are some things I’ve written on my list.

  • I didn’t get yelled at by anyone
  • My outfit was kind of cute
  • Lunch was good
  • The temperature was perfect
  • There was no shit or pee on the toilet seat at work today.
  • Deer were standing outside of my office window.
  • I didn’t feel as stupid as I did yesterday.

Yes, the items are small but they are real.  I don’t feel like I am making it up and being grateful for something that I am not grateful for.   

I have been starting to notice the good things more often and that makes the day go better. Gratitude is working.

Mark it down every single day and let me know if you thinking starts to shift.


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