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Gallup Strengths – most of us know ours

Most of us know our top 5 strengths based on the popular Strengthsfinder test.  I was writing an article the other day about how I not only rely on my strengths but also knowing my weaknesses was just as important.  The gist of my blog was (1) I don’t include my weaknesses on my resume as skills even if the job requires it and (2) I don’t feel ashamed by them. Back to that in a minute.

Confession: My Lowest Strength is Communication














Confession – my lowest strength is Communication according to my Strengths by Gallup. What a low blow.  I want to write blog articles and share things on social media.  I don’t share as much as I’d like to and I think I stop myself because I am not a “Communicator”.

This is going to sound WooWoo, but hear me out.  I’ve been doing this thing I learned to connect with myself in a deeper way.  You basically have a conversation on a piece of paper with your soul/intuition/higher self.  Your normal day to day mind writes with the dominant hand to start the conversation with the soul.


Dominant Hand:  Dear Soul, I’d like to talk about….

The soul answers back by writing in your non-dominant hand.  

Non-Dominant Hand:  Hi Lisa, yes, I have strong opinions about….


This morning I wanted to get past this block of stopping myself from putting myself out there.  I honestly thought that my “soul” would say to focus on something else that lines up with my strengths.  But shockingly my soul wrote 

 “Who cares what some Old White Man Test says.  This is boring going over this over and over.  Just be you.”  

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this with my normal mind.  The amazing thing is that deep down, I knew that blog article I mentioned above, about knowing my weaknesses wasn’t coming to me because my soul didn’t believe what I was saying.   

I learned this method of connecting to my soul with a book called “Recovery of Your Inner Child” by Lucia Capacchionne PhD.  It is mostly about doing this work using your non-dominant hand to write as your younger self.  I did this and it was ok, but the author mentions you can do this with your soul/intuition, which has been resonating with me lately.  

If you aren’t into writing, I’ve also heard of a similar method in that you have “chair” conversations.  Take two chairs and have a conversation with your soul by actually switching seats. 

 I know this all sounds WooWoo and weird, but as I age, I’m learning it’s okay to try a lot of different things to make sure I am living a life I love.  

Try connecting today to your intuition and throw out those Gallup weaknesses, they aren’t real