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Choosing a business name is not as easy as I thought it would be. As many of you know, I was going by A Makeover Story, then High Five Work, then Lisa Polak.  I wanted to give an explanation for the confusing madness. 

Picking a Business Name is hard!

A Makeover Story:

I initially wanted to do image consulting. I love makeover shows and it’s my favorite movie type- watching people change their image, which makes them feel good about themselves, which makes them happier.  I wanted people to learn to do makeovers on themselves without waiting for the Fab 5 to come to their towns. I still get goosebumps of excitement thinking of it, but I haven’t figured out how to share my ideas and I was starting to talk about work more.

High Five Work:

I had begun to talk about mindfulness at work and becoming a happier employee.  I thought A Makeover Story didn’t make much sense as a name for that topic.  I felt High Five Work was fun and a better explanation to what I was talking about. I quickly was over the name. It sounded more like the name of a book or course than an entire business to me. It’s catchy but didn’t feel right. I was referred to as High Five Work instead of Lisa on social media. It felt odd.

Lisa Polak:

I started to feel trapped into only talking about work.  I have been exploring other interests that I want to talk about, including image and lifestyle. Therefore I decided to go with my name.  It feels more freeing than using something so specific.  I know the online marketing world says to niche down but I’m still in the discovery phase. 

I hope this clarifies my reasoning.  Do you have a business and did you find it was hard choosing a name?

Have a wonderful Sunday and plan something nice to avoid the Sunday Night Blues!

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