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A guide to getting through the 9-5

while in the career change process or waiting for that side hustle to be full time

An Introduction

So many of us would love to change careers and are either in the process of figuring out what we want to do or we are taking the necessary training to be able to move to the new career.  Some of us are starting side hustles.  We need to pay the bills so we have to stay in our Nine-to-Fives (or really 8-6:30) for a little while longer.  It’s hard to give it our all when we aren’t interested anymore.  Here are some tips that I’m using to get through these seemingly long days.

What you’ll Need



Podcast app

Audiobook app 


Step 1

Use a focus timer.  There are plenty out there to try.  Right now I am using a free one called BeFocused.  I set the timer for 25 minutes and only concentrate on work for that time.  I don’t check emails, look at any social, or chit chat with coworkers.  It’s amazing how much you can get done in 25 minutes with focus.  Take a 5-minute break to look away from our screens, and then back again.

Step 2

Download podcasts and audiobooks related to your new career or new business and keep a small notebook with you.  Listen to these at work with headphones on when you are able to, especially if you are doing tedious tasks.  This will make your days fly by when you are getting inspired about your new future profession.  Jot down any ideas you have during the workday related to your new career.  If you think of someone you want to contact or content you want to create, take a quick note.  Maybe you hear something on a podcast you want to revisit – take a note on the episode number and timestamp.

Step 3

Use your lunch hour.  Take that time to study, make calls, have appointments, write a blog article.  Use that time to be productive and take action.  You can go to the library at lunch or a coffee shop. 

Or, do it in the morning before you start your regular workday.  You’ll feel so good starting your day with something you love.


Step 4

I recommend NOT doing the following:

*  Side hustling or studying when you are on the clock, unless you have clear documented permission from your employer.  That is stealing company time and it’s not right.  Even if you are listening to an audiobook, you at least are doing your other work as well.

*  Don’t use any equipment (except maybe wi-fi) that is employer-owned to work on your career change or side hustle.  No printing, using the phone, or even your laptop.

*  Think about who you share your career change/side hustle with.  I worked at a place that allowed moonlighting but they wanted to know if it was happening. One of the employees started a side hustle – anytime she was on the phone, her coworkers assumed she was side hustling and they were pissed she was doing it on the clock.  Maybe she was, I don’t know, but you have to consider how you will be judged.  It went all the way to the top of the company and they were wondering if she needed to be replaced – even though she got all of her work done.  

ANd Lastly, Have patience!

It won’t be long.  Your new life will be here soon.