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Get to know me.

I want to help you create harmony in your work life.

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I believed I didn’t fit in at work.  I didn’t get worked up and yell about deadlines.  I avoided having difficult conversations because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I would cry if I got yelled at.  I felt like a mess!  I had several more decades of being in the working world, so I had to try to figure it out so I didn’t live a life of misery.

I was a woman with a job who didn’t want to climb up the corporate ladder.  I didn’t want my work to be my whole life and I wasn’t the most confident in my skills. Since I wasn’t going to be some assertive ultra-confident woman just because I wanted to be, I began searching for tools that allowed me to handle working in a corporate office without changing who I was.  I did a lot of self development and found tapping to be the thing that gave me that instant relief.  Using tapping has been life altering and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Have You Typed Something Similar in Your Search Engine?



Search:  I cried at work what do I do now”
Answer:  Oh that’s embarrassing.  You may look weak to others.  Try not to do it again.

Search:  My boss is a bitch
Answer:  Here’s an article on how to bring your bitchiness out at work

Search:  Should I leave a toxic workplace
Answer:  Don’t take your supervisors tantrums personally – they must be having a bad day.

The answers sucked and nothing helped!  I’ve been there too.


I am Here to Help!

I’m here to help you break through old programs and start feeling better. Let’s change your workday from miserable to happy.




I was so miserable in my career and now I found a way to love my work.  I enjoy going to work and I haven’t been miserable in so long.  A little personal information about me.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio.  I was a hairstylist and then went to college and became an accountant. I love to get up early every morning before my camera-shy family wakes up to spend some time alone.  I hate natural heights, like cliffs, but will go on any roller coaster. I can’t get enough of makeover shows such as What Not to Wear, Queer Eye, and the makeover stories on talk shows.