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It’s easy to get into a rut at work or feel anything but inspired.  Follow these tips to re-ignite your inspiration.

  • Read your job description.                                                                                              Have you read your job description recently?  I have and there were things on there that I thought my boss was supposed to do.  I had to dig way back in my emails from the recruiter to find the job description and it was eye-opening.   I had held resentment for quite a while because I was doing “my boss’s job”, or so I thought.  It was my responsibility all along. Use your job description as a guide to show not only tasks that you are to perform, but they typically hint at key performance areas they are evaluating you on.


  • Become an expert in one area of your workplace.                                                         I have taken many courses through our ERP and it’s helped significantly to make me more effective at my job. Short courses or one time classes give away tips for shortcuts or features of your program that you didn’t know existed.  You can focus on other items instead of your ERP such as Excel or Powerpoint.  You won’t regret learning these skills and as a bonus, most of them you can take with you to future jobs.  And if your company won’t pay for them, look for free or low-cost options.


  • Work for a company whose mission or product is important to you.                    I worked for a company that dealt with chemicals and additives.  I had no interest in the product.  Even though accounting does not change much from industry to industry, my inspiration sure did.  I was never into sciences in school and this job was all about science – I had zero interest.  I then moved onto a real estate company and it was more in alignment with my interests. I understood rental payments and upgrades to apartment buildings.  I didn’t have to learn science to be excited for a new property to work with.I am now in education and I am invested in the mission of my employer as I can see the benefit it’s having for the community. If you have no interest in your industry, please find a new industry.



What do you plan to do to bring some inspiration to your work?